Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.

Let your content do the fishing

All our projects involve training from the start. We achieve success when you understand our advice and make the best decisions for your content. Our definition of success does not include a long-term agreement for giving you the catch of the day. We set out to help you identify the tools and strategies that work best for you, and then we train you to use them effectively. Your content has the power to reel in the big fish. We will show you how to set your hook, and then we will get out of your way.


With a combined six decades of experience in technical communication and XML standards, we can help you with structured content creation and management. Also, our strategic partnerships with the main players of the structured content field give us knowledge that makes a positive difference.

We love solving problems in real-world conditions. People with true-to-life business issues need solutions that work and feel comfortable. We believe the best technology is out of view, like a modern engine that never gives you the feeling your journey is out of your control.

Unlike other companies, the Content Era never tries to overwhelm or dazzle you with gadgets. We listen before we speak. We want you to identify your pain points so we can create a solution that meets your needs.


Many consultants in our field talk about the path to a bright new future, but they send you down the wrong trail when you ask for directions. At The Content Era, we know your existing content is valuable. We do not assume that your legacy content was created just to pass time. If your content added value in the past, a significant portion of it is likely to remain valuable in the future. Thus, many of our projects involve conversions to structured content and between XML standards.

As experienced professionals, we have managed many automated and semi-automated content conversions. Whether you created all your content in a word processor, a publishing application, or a computer-aided drafting program, we know what to do. We can pull your valuable content out of those formats and publish them in an agnostic, XML-based structure that frees you from proprietary tools and environments.


One of the great advantages of having structured content is the fact that there are lots of tools to automatically transform your content into almost any other format. And not just the format can change - your content can be completely reshuffled or merged with content from external sources. Some transformations are used to convert one type of structure into another, for instance when you are importing tables from Excel into a DITA workflow. Other transformations take place in the publication process, where DITA (or other XML-based content) is transformed into HTML pages for your website.

Using XSL to define transformations often feels like waving our magic wand at the content: with a simple push of a button, the content is reshuffled to create a totally new appearance. One of these transformations produces the content you are currently watching on our website. Our content creators work in a Word-like environment, leaving the creation of cool web methods to a one-time definition of the transformation scenario.

If you want to find out how your content can be transformed to reach new goals, do not hesitate to ask us for advice or a demo.


At the start and end of projects, we usually schedule training about the technologies that are being used. At the start of the project, the focus is on getting you to understand the issues in your existing content and how to avoid them in structured content. At the end of a project, we teach you about the new technologies that were applied and the structure that was implemented. So that you can handle the system without requiring us to come in and help you out all the time.

A list of more-or-less standard training topics is given below. If you require training on another aspect of technical information, structured content or publishing methods. feel free to contact us with a specific request.


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