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The consultants and trainers working at The Content Era have delivered countless presentations at conferences around the globe. Such events are the perfect chance to get up close and personal, to discuss your content dreams and find out how we can help you make them come true.

Upcoming Events

Webinar: Thought Leader Thursday

TLT Season 2 Featuring - Chip Gettinger Presenting: "Benefits of a Global Content Strategy"

A global content strategy provides a solid foundation to tightly manage, automate and integrate content development with translation processes. Product content – typically documentation, help, user guides, release notes, etc. – provides relevant information for customers to understand and use your products.

Critical is to align processes and teams responsible for content authoring and translation management. These investments provide closer coordination with product development for rapid global product releases in all languages. Automating processes requires planning, management and governance, reaping an infrastructure to speed your content to global markets.

This Webinar will talk to emerging best practices and approaches to invest in modular product content to support a global content strategy. You will gain a perspective of how to develop key initiatives with other groups in your company, manage changes within your organization and hear about how other companies are successful with global content strategy initiatives.

Chip Gettinger - VP Global Solutions/



Webinar: Executive Point of View

Executive Point of View Featuring - Eeshita Grover

Driving Innovation for Content Projects

Among the many aspects of leading and managing a team or a function, is one of driving innovation. As a manager one has to handle the on-going deliverables and keep a keen focus on the cutting edge. Managers do all this with a firm grip on availability and predictability of resources.

To survive and to succeed, every manager and leader has to know that keeping yourself relevant is key, stretching yourself above and beyond makes you get noticed. The challenge has always been availability of resources and building buy in. In this session we uncover some of the keys to drive successful innovation projects.

Eeshita Grover - Senior Manager/