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The consultants and trainers working at The Content Era have delivered countless presentations at conferences around the globe. Such events are the perfect chance to get up close and personal, to discuss your content dreams and find out how we can help you make them come true.

Webinar hosted by Tom Aldous

Thought Leader Thursday featuring CEO of SimplyXML - Doug Gorman

Doug's session will stream on The Content Era YouTube Channel starting 7/27/17.


As the long-term CEO of Information Mapping, Doug commercialized the foundational cognitive research and structured writing methodology called Information Mapping. As CEO of that Company he made content and related processes replicable, developed appropriate supporting technology, and brought both structured authoring and technology tools to more than a quarter million people in 43 countries. More recently he has developed tools and a simple approach to letting large organizations achieve content reuse and flexible publishing in an easy and cost-effective way.

In this session, Doug will discuss what it takes to produce great structured content in MS Word and the fundamental benefits of having a structured authoring approach. He will also dive into what methods are paramount for effective reuse of content and how to leverage that for multi-channel publishing.

Doug Gorman - Founder and CEO/


Contest: Two day training giveaway

Need training? Enter today for your chance to win a 2 day custom training giveaway, courtesy of The Content Era. Read on for entry details.

Contest Details:

- Business case entries due by 8-31-17 to with the subject line as "2-day TCE Training Giveaway".

- One entry per person but multiple entries from one company are permitted.

- Winner announced 9-15-17.

- In addition to the business case entry, contestants must like and share the contest post as well as follow the TCE page on at least ONE social media platform to qualify for the giveaway.

- Only the "likes" and "shares" on the original TCE posts will be counted toward the contest. So make sure to visit the TCE company page on either LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter to find the original posts.

- Winner receives a 2-day custom training package catered to the business case entered in the contest.

- Training provided at either a TCE facility or remotely through screen share.

- Travel and accomodations not included in giveaway.

- The most detailed and compelling business case will be selected as the winner of the contest.

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