Sharing Ideas

The consultants and trainers working at The Content Era have delivered countless presentations at conferences around the globe. Such events are the perfect chance to get up close and personal, to discuss your content dreams and find out how we can help you make them come true.

Upcoming Events

Webinar: Thought Leader Thursday

TLT Season 2 Featuring - Christian Gericke Presenting: "A Silo Frame of Mind"

Session Description:

Christian's session will stream from 5/11 to 5/25 on The Content Era home page.


The tools landscape for professionals within the content production realm is starting to proliferate, with new problem-specific solutions being created as fast as the problems occur. The larger the content ecosystem, the more opportunity for chaos. It needs to be easy to collaborate on a document, without all the hassles that are prevalent in some of the most commonly used authoring applications.

Inconsistent content prevents brand loyality as variation in content experiences damages relationships, that’s why it is important that team members work efficiently together. Easier said than done! Bringing together the pieces of the puzzle of what Marketing can do, TechComm needs to do and the company wants to do. The often overlooked silo issue, which is becoming increasingly problematic for organisations somehow needs to be overcome.

Christian Gericke - Chief Marketing Officer/


Webinar: Executive Point of View

Executive Point of View Featuring - Alex Lum

Alex's session will stream from 5/25 to 6/8 on The Content Era home page.


For the last couple of years we've had the pleasure of working first-hand with Alex. As the Director of his team he is responsible for the future of the product documents that support the networking and telecommunications products that keep other companies running and communicating smoothly. He has shown time and time again that he truly knows what is best for his business unit by repeatedly staying ahead of the curve when it comes to tools and content strategy. Join us as we talk with Alex and you might learn a thing or two from his Executive Point of View.

Alex Lum - Director of Global Product Documentation Development/