Eeshita Grover's Bio
Eeshita Grover Senior Manager - Cisco

Eeshita Grover's Bio

Eeshita Grover - Senior Manager at Cisco

Eeshita Grover is an experienced professional of 19+ years with a career equally divided across leading and teaching content creation and delivery. Eeshita has been with Cisco for the past 12+ years building and driving innovative content strategies for cutting edge products with an emphasis on delivery for digital portals, mobile web, and video. Eeshita has led content design using structured authoring for various content types and their presentation for ease of use. Her passion lies in driving teams to innovative goals and evolving mindsets. Eeshita was recently selected as one of the Top 25 Content Strategists by MindTouch.

Top 25 Content Strategists - MindTouch

"Across the 19+ years as a content professional, a large part of my core job has been innovation. From participating in adopting new authoring styles, tools, and systems for entire enterprises to implementing cutting edge mindsets across various teams that I have led, my career has taught me a few lessons about innovation that I’d like to share in my sessions."

-Eeshita Grover


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