Doug Gorman's Bio
Founder and CEO SimplyXML

Doug Gorman's Bio

Doug Gorman - Founder and CEO of SimplyXML


Doug Gorman is the CEO of Simply XML. He brings years of relevant information industry experience to Simply XML and its customers. Throughout his career, Doug has found that honesty, hard work, and good communication lead to financial rewards and satisfaction for all who are involved. Simply XML's philosophy underlies our services offering because it works.

Doug has worked directly and indirectly for some of the world's leading technology companies. We see XML as the enabling architecture to make content management, single source publishing, and multi-channel publishing ubiquitous.

Doug has been instrumental in implementing technology and the related change management initiatives at large companies around the globe. He was responsible for major implementations at organizations as large and diverse as Marathon Oil, NSA, Abbott Labs, Nestle, the Department of Veteran's Affairs, Bank of America, and Dow Chemical.

Doug was CEO of Information Mapping, Inc. for more than 20 years. During that time he transitioned IMI from an academic “Think Tank” to a thriving commercial organization doing business in 43 countries. Information Mapping was the global leader in structured writing. With the more recent acceptance of other structured writing standards like DITA along with the promises of current technology, Doug will implement the opportunities promised by this evolution.

-Doug Gorman





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