Ari Weinstein's Bio
Ari Weinstein Founder/ Confident Contracts

Ari Weinstein's Bio

Ari Weinstein - Data and Information Consultant

Ari's expertise is helping companies convert their data into valuable assets. Organizations cope with overwhelming amounts of data and information on a daily basis. Ari reduces the costs and risks that arise from using data, while improving how people work with information assets. He has done this successfully for thousands of data and information users around the world during the last 24 years.

Ari started his career working on research production and automation, and later moved into information technology to oversee publishing systems. Research products he developed with his team delivered more data to customers than any other source. When Ari took over management of company-wide data services he reduced fixed costs by millions of dollars, while improving the quality of information reaching end-users.

As he managed numerous data assets critical to business operations, Ari directed the project work of specialized teamssupporting customers globally. Systems and functions that he devised and implemented remain in place years later, delivering value daily.

Ari helps people and their organizations § Recognize their data and information as assets § Develop means of tracking and monitoring data services § Improve institutional knowledge of data and information use § Assess how much value is being derived from data § Implement governance models and operational functions that reduce risks and costs

Ari spent over 23 years at Moody’s Investors Service where most recently he was Vice President and Manager of data and information sourcing for the rating agency, responsible for operations supporting over 2,000 analysts. He holds an MBA with dual concentrations in information technology and organizational management from New York University. He is certified in enterprise content management, copyright fundamentals and contract negotiations. He also holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Queens College, and spends his spare time on photography and graphic design.

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Areas of Expertise

- Content Terms and Conditions

- Market Data

- Research Support

- Unstructured Data

- Data Management Operations

Strategy Services

- Content Usage Analysis

- Supplier Terms Review

- Data Inventory Management

- Information Asset Governance

- Process Analysis and Design

- Information Sourcing

- Cost Analysis

Value Proposition

“Data and information should be working for you, delivering a positive return on investment. Data is not overhead, it’s an asset.”


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